Emergency Tree Removal

When the unexpected happens, Cummings Tree Service has decades of experience to provide you with emergency tree removal services. Severe windstorms, lightning, snow, ice, and more can result in unexpected tree emergencies. Falling limbs or downed trees can cause trouble quickly. At Cummings Tree Service, we act promptly and efficiently to remove hazardous conditions from your property.

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

emergency tree removal
A downed tree or limb is causing structural damage to your home
Your power or utility lines are compromised
You are staying in a hotel due to property damage

If you are experiencing any of these problems, call us immediately at (541) 485-0625, and we will work quickly to prevent further damage. For after-hours emergencies, please leave a message as we check them frequently. 

Choosing a qualified and professional team to handle your emergency tree removal is imperative. Our team of experienced professionals at Cummings Tree Service has years of experience and the proper equipment to address your problems quickly and effectively. We can also help you spot weaknesses in other trees to reduce damage like this from happening again. If your trees were damaged during a storm but are not causing extreme damage, contact us today to schedule a free consultation to get started on the cleanup.

emergency tree removal
emergency tree removal
emergency tree removal
emergency tree removal

Recognize Problems Early

If you recognize problems with the health of your trees early, it can prevent the need for emergency tree removal. We recommend regular tree maintenance to protect the health and structural integrity of your trees. Trees may not exhibit obvious signs of instability to the untrained eye, which is why having regular professional tree inspection is vital in preventing disaster. Some required services may include pruning, cabling, bracing, or removal to avoid falling trees during the next storm.

Signs of Unhealthy Trees That Can Lead to Property Damage in a Storm:

  • Tree or branches are leaning
  • Cracks in the branches and trunk
  • Areas of decay on the tree
  • Weak or decaying roots
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