Tree Removals

Sometimes, a tree just needs to be removed. There are a variety of reasons that a tree needs to be removed. These reasons range from potential property damage and dying trees, to many others. At Cummings Tree Service, we offer the best tree removal Eugene has to offer. We provide many different tree services and can assess whether your tree needs to be pruned or if it is time for removal. We have been known as the best tree removal company since 1993. 

Questions to Consider

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, contact us today for a free consultation.

  • Is your tree losing its vitality?
  • Are your trees pulling up your foundation or cracking your driveway?
  • Is your tree growing too close to your home?
  • Are you worried that the next storm may cause your trees to create property damage or cause personal harm?
  • Is there a tree diminishing the health of other trees on your property?
  • Are your trees or branches leaning?
  • Are there cracks in the branches and trunk?
  • Can you see visible areas of decay on your tree?
  • Are the roots decaying?

The Best Tree Removal Service in lane county

tree removal Eugene

We also know that having a tree removed can be stressful for some homeowners and neighbors. Our professionals take time to explain the process, the risks, your options, and the costs. Together, we determine the best course of action. We have performed all kinds of tree removals in and around Lane County since 1993. Whether it’s massive trees in proximity to physical structures, dangerous trees on hillsides, or even trees in impossible locations, you can feel safe knowing we have the knowledge to evaluate the situation and the skills to remove the tree properly and safely.

Recognize Problems Early

If you recognize problems with the health of your trees early, it can prevent the need for emergency tree removal. We recommend regular tree maintenance to protect the health and structural integrity of your trees. Trees may not exhibit obvious signs of instability to the untrained eye, which is why having regular professional tree inspection is vital in preventing disaster. Some required services may include pruning, cabling, bracing, or removal to avoid falling trees during the next storm.

Stump Removal

A stump will be left behind after a tree is removed. The height of the stump is determined by the size of the tree removed. Generally speaking, smaller trees under 24″ in diameter may result in a 6″ stump above the soil line. Trees between 24″ and 36″ in diameter may result in an 8-12″ stump above the soil line. Large trees beyond 36″ in diameter will have even taller stumps. Cummings Tree Service can provide stump-removal services. 

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