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Urban logging helps reduce environmental waste by removing and preparing trees for lumber. Urban logging can be a complicated process that requires specialized extraction techniques and machinery. Cummings Tree Service is your specialty logging company, with decades of expertise in managing urban logging needs.

Questions to Consider While Choosing Your Urban Logging Company
  • Are your trees getting too big?
  • Are you subdividing your property?
  • Do you need specialty thinning work?
  • Are you considering adding an addition to your home?
  • Do you have several trees you’d like to remove? 
  • Are fir trees shading-out your oak trees?
  • Are you building a new structure on your property?
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Urban Logging Makes Full Use of Trees

Trees in urban areas can be used for more than most people expect. These trees can provide high-quality lumber for many different uses, from flooring to specialty lumber for furniture. Urban logging projects require planning and expert knowledge to prevent mistakes or unnecessary tree removal. Streets, sidewalks, and parking lots add a level of complexity that require a specific knowledge of urban logging compared to traditional logging.

Urban logging is one of our specialties. With our expertise in project management, specialty logging needs are met from start to finish. We will help you through the entire process while developing the best course of action to accomplish your goals. Cummings Tree Service will be the urban logging company that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing your return.

Contact Cummings Tree Service today to schedule a consultation for your next urban logging project. We offer homeowners a free consultation.

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