Tree Removal and Trimming FAQ

Is there an ideal time to prune my tree?

Pruning can be performed at any time of year, but there are certainly considerations to take into account. Late summer into early fall can be ideal for major pruning, but there are exceptions and various approaches we can take to ensure the best care of your tree.

How do I decide to prune my tree versus remove my tree?

Making the decision to remove a tree, big or small, is difficult. Choosing an ISA Certified Arborist to assist you is the first, most important step you can take. Here are some of the points we take into consideration in our free consultations.

  • Can the tree be properly pruned given the targets and surrounding environment?
  • Will pruning solve my issue?
  • Will pruning create more issues further along the life of the tree?
  • What will the maintenance cost over the life of the tree versus the cost of removing the tree?
  • Is the personal safety of others or myself at risk?

Will there be a stump left after the removal of my tree?

Yes. The height of the stump is determined by the size of the tree removed. Generally speaking, smaller trees under 24" in diameter may result in a 6" stump above the soil line, trees in between 24-36" in diameter may result in a 8-12" stump above the soil line, and for large trees beyond 36" in diameter, stumps can be even taller. James Cummings Tree Service works with A-1 Ron's Stump & Tree Removal to meet your stump removal needs, if desired.

Is it possible to leave the firewood on my property?

Yes. Our crews will chip everything that we can, and if requested, we can leave firewood behind in 15-16" fuel-burning lengths. Keep in mind, however, that with larger diameter trees, these rounds can easily weigh hundreds of pounds.

What does "Final Cleanup" include with my tree removal?

With "Final cleanup," we will chip, haul and remove all branches and wood from the tree or trees that we service on your property. We will rake and blow the entire work area, including the roof if effected. Although we do our best to clean up the work site as much as we can, there may still be sawdust, twigs, and leaf litter left behind.

What if I have a septic tank, irrigation, or water lines on my property?

If there is any underground equipment near or in the way of access to your tree, please let us know. Every site requires an unique approach, and your information helps us provide the right equipment for the job.

Is there an ideal time to remove my tree?

Unless your tree is imminently hazardous, it can be beneficial to your landscape to choose a time that minimizes the impact to the surrounding area. For example, waiting until late summer or early fall could ensure that the ground is firm and valuable plants in the surrounding area can be protected. However, we do carry a wide range of resources to ensure we can get the job done smoothly, quickly, and safely, regardless of any environmental challenges that may exist during any given time of year.

What are my payment options?

James Cummings Tree Service will invoice you via email or post upon the completion of the project. We accept checks or money orders by mail, or you can pay with electronically through Paypal. If you do plan on using PayPal, please let us know in advance. We do not accept cards over the phone at this time.


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