Our Team

James Cummings

Certified Arborist #PN-6755A

Licensed, Bonded & Insured CCB# 163703


James has always been fascinated with wood and trees. Even before kindergarten - his mother would say, "he was obsessed with chopping and gathering firewood. When he was 8 years old he would split and stack the wood for all the campsites whenever our family went camping."

James' passion for woodworking resulted in working as a cabinet maker, a union carpenter, and even a two year apprenticeship in a small planing mill. Here he learned how to run large-scale woodworking tools, including stickers, moulders, shapers, rip saws, resaws, large planers and timesaver sanders.

In 1991, James was led to Oregon to work for Tree Improvement Enterprises in Cottage Grove to collect cones for reforestation. That summer changed his life forever. James will tell you that coming to Oregon to work with trees was his "life calling." His urge to run his own tree service surfaced shortly after his arrival. In 1993, he became a licensed and bonded tree service contractor in Oregon.

During the late nineties, James started college at the University of Oregon to pursue the path of becoming a lawyer. James has always been intrigued by politics, philosophy and social justice. James proudly earned the "Ford Scholar" designation and had his undergraduate degree paid for through a scholarship fund that was started by millionaire philanthropist and timber baron Kenneth Ford, founder of Roseburg Lumber Company. James graduated in 2003 with a B.S. in Political Science.

What James learned in college was that the lawyer lifestyle was not for him. He couldn't imagine himself sitting indoors all day and night, and not interacting with nature on a daily basis. "The biggest thing I learned in college was my desire to grow my tree service," says James.

Over the years, James carefully grew his tree service from a humble one-man operation in 1993 to a ten-person crew with the ability to handle any tree job. James' most recent business development was acquiring Braverman's Tree Care, owned and operated by Paul Braverman, a long-standing, respected expert arborist in Oregon for close to 30 years.

Another aspect of the tree service James enjoys is the mentor/mentee relationships he's had over the years with several of his employees. James did not have an easy start in life, so he's thoughtful about helping others who may need a little guidance, and learn about a healthy way of thinking and living. As one of James' mentees puts it - "James has taught me how to know what's truly important in life - that it's not trying to impress my peers, but rather working to better understand myself."

Darren Faulhaber

Certified Arborist #PN-7155A

Arborist Sales Representative

Darren graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources and Forest Ecosystems at Oregon State University in 2008. He has worked as an arborist since 2010, and comes from a family whose legacy resides in managing forest resources for the past seven decades. His favorite part of his work is helping people care for their trees. Darren's favorite tree is the Oregon White Oak, Quercus garryana.


Leland Wright

Lead Climber

Leland joined the team in 2013 and brings over 10 years of tree care experience to the team. 


Brandon Adams


Brandon joined our team in 2014. 


Yaneev Steinberg 

Climber & Pruner

ISA Certified Arborist

Yaneev joined our team in 2016. He brings six years of tree care knowledge to our team. 


Brian Shafer

Operations Manager

Brian joined our team in 2016. He brings many years of successful sales and business owner to the team. 


Sean Kane 

Climber & Pruner

ISA Certified Arborist


Andy Steece



Jake Ztolowski