Our Services


  • Are your ornamental trees in need of care?
  • Trees overgrown and out of balance?
  • Not sure when or why to prune your trees?
  • Have shrubs or hedges that need shearing?

Proper tree care helps keep your trees healthy and reduce risks down the road. When it comes to proper tree care, stewardship and prevention is the best approach.Our crew has been properly pruning trees since 1993.  In addition to residential pruning, we service many commercial accounts like apartment and office buildings. We can properly prune one tree, or several hundred.

Removals and Stump Grinding

  • Tree pulling up your foundation or cracking your driveway?
  • Growing too close to your home and is losing its vitality?
  • Worried that the next storm may bring property damage or cause personal harm?
  • Want your tree stumps ground out?

We also know that having a tree removed can be stressful for the homeowner and the neighbors. Our professionals take time to explain the process, the risks, your options, and the costs. Together, we determine the best course of action. We have performed all kinds of tree removals in and around Lane County since 1993. Whether it's massive trees close to homes, dangerous trees on hillsides, or even trees in impossible locations, you feel safe knowing we have the knowledge to evaluate the situation and the skills to remove the tree properly and safely.

Specialty Logging

  • Trees getting too big?
  • Sub-dividing your property?
  • Adding on an addition?
  • Fir trees choking out your Oak trees?
  • Need specialty thinning work?

Urban logging is one of our specialties. With our expertise in project management, specialty logging needs are met from start to finish. We will help you through the entire process while developing the best course of action to accomplish your goals.

We minimize the environmental impact while maximizing your return.


  • Are you wondering about the health of your tree(s)?
  • Do you need an arborist report for the City, HOA or neighboring trees?
  • Do you have pending construction plans that may impact your treescape?
  • Are you planning to buy a property with trees?
  • Do you want to develop a long-term management plan for your tree care?

Consulting and project management are useful services we provide to help you make the best decision and support you in developing and managing your properties. Whether you need an arborist report to keep or remove a tree, need to protect a root zone during construction, or even are wondering what the long-term costs of maintaining your trees will be, we are happy to expertly assist you in making these calls. Estimates for tree work are free locally; consulting fees vary on the service. Please note that we cannot provide estimates for work on real estate that is not yet purchased, but we can consult prior to purchase.


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